I thought this was so cool – it is a sample of Jalyn’s writing (if you click on it, you can see it better). He drew a picture of his Wii and a controller (with lots of wires) – and wrote “I like Lego Star Wars. It is Fun!” He sounded it out all by himself! It blew me away – we’ve been reading a lot, but I didn’t think about writing. I went to talk to his teacher yesterday – who said he was doing fine – but that writing would help him be a better reader, and she gave me some ideas on how to help at home. (of course, he is still wiggly on the carpet – I may be hearing that the rest of Jalyn’s school career!) At school – he had written a couple of things – one about a snowman, and one about Obama – and I was so proud!

Update on the house:
We are set to close in about 2 weeks! They have moved out and gave us permission to start painting and cleaning and slowing moving stuff over. We’ve been over there almost every evening – painting or cleaning. Part of the house deal was that they didn’t have to clean or go through the garage or anything like that – so last night, we went through all the stuff left in the garage. That was an adventure. I have pictures of some of the painting we’ve done, but the camera is still over there, so I’ll have to post them later. We are so excited!

We are still looking for someone to rent the townhouse. We found out that if we don’t – we have to pay rent (on top of our reletting fee) until someone does get moved in. We have ads on craigslist but no bites. If anyone has any ideas on how to find someone – or if anyone needs a townhouse – let us know!!!