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We made it!

Well we made it! We have are almost unpacked – we haven’t touched the garage though. I’m still hanging pictures and putting our touch on the place. My mom was here earlier this week and that helped a bunch! I’d probably still be unpacking if she hadn’t been here.
The swimming pool is very nice and we’ve gone everyday so far. The boys really like it and it gets us out and about.
Jason is enjoying the job – they’ve already put him to work – but the hours aren’t too bad. I have a new hire meeting on the 18th – which will give me some more information about my job – although it will mainly be human resources information. Today is a day of phone calls – I have to call and find a pediatrician for the boys – and daycare for Cole. Hopefully new appts won’t take 2 months and the daycare isn’t already full for the fall!

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