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We have a contract!!!

Hooray! We have a contract on our house – so thanks for all the prayers. We still need them – at least until the option period is over – which should be on the 26th. This buyer seems to have his finances together – so that is one thing we don’t have to worry about – it is up to our house to shine now. If everything goes well, we will close on July 10th!
Jalyn went to the pediatrician yesterday – it went really well. We liked the Dr – and we didn’t have to wait very long. Jalyn is doing great – passed his vision and hearing screenings and he falls right at the 50% for height and weight. The nurses were nice too. They also gave the boys these tokens that they used at the end to get a prize out of some machines – Jalyn got a tattoo – and Cole got a little soccer ball.
Today I went to my first new hire meeting. It was mainly just HR stuff – filling out W4 forms and stuff like that. It was nice how familiar it all was – at this level school districts in Texas aren’t very different. I left the house at 7:30 and was there by 8:00 – on the interstates! So traffic wasn’t bad at all. I”m going to try to get to my campus soon – and I’ll have to map it out and go during rush hour to see how long that will take me!
Jason and Cole just left for haircuts. We haven’t decided what to do with Cole’s hair – I loved the curls, but it was starting to approach the unkempt mullet look – so we decided to get it cut. I’ll post pictures once he gets back. I think he’ll just come back with a trim, but we also played with the idea of buzzing it – in the hopes that it might grow back a little thicker. We’ll see what Jason decides once they get started.

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