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Watts Words – Summer is here.

What a week! In the past 7 days – we’ve had the last day of school/JJ’s last day of elementary school and Memorial Day.  Lots of joy with some nostalgia thrown in the mix.  Summer is here and with it we’ve already had wonderful times with family and down time as well.  Yay Summer!

This past weekend we were scheduled to play in a tournament but baseball got rained out again (ugh).  The Watts are great at turning lemons into lemonade, so we took that opportunity to go to Abilene and spend time with Jason’s family.  The original plan was to meet them at Lake Brownwood, but it flooded and closed, so Lake Fort Phantom filled in.  Loki had some time on the boat and the boys were able to do some wake boarding and tubing.  We also had some great BBQ and time with family. The best part was watching Jalyn and Cole play with their younger cousins.  A tender/patient side of them I don’t see very often, was out in full force.

Spending time with family and friends provided lots of opportunities for quotable moments.  It also made it tricky to remember all of those moments.  While I love documenting all the crazy things my family says, enjoying time spent with family trumps that every time.

I did manage to jot down a few though. ?

Don’t head-butt people.

Are you okay??????

Would you look at that?

Move your butt. I don’t want to eat with your butt in my face.

I didn’t ask because you and dad were making out.

Can I turn on my light?  Cause I’ll glow.

Stop licking the enemy.

That was the worst clicking of heels.

Mom, feel my foot.  It’s super sweaty.

Ow!  He jumped on my balls.

Cole – I’m bored.  Me – I’m Lyndsi, nice to meet you. Cole – Ugh mom, stop saying that!

As we settle into summer – these are the phrases I anticipate will be said over and over in the Watts household (including the previous exchange):

Leave your brother alone.

Be quiet!!

You are losing brain cells watching this movie.

Just go outside.

Stop correcting your brother.

Go play outside.

Is it time for school yet? ?

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