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Watts Words of the Week III

words of the week

Happy Tuesday!

After a relaxing weekend of being pampered by my boys (Happy Mother’s Day), Monday hit harder than usual.  This week holds the normal business of every week – Scouts, baseball, etc – but also the STAAR test.  Jalyn has taken them enough by now to not get too worked up over them, but Cole internalizes everything the teachers say and stresses to no end about letting them down.  He probably couldn’t let them down if he tried, but there’s no telling him that.  Skins are thin during the mornings of STAAR testing – glad that today is the last day.  I’m sure all teachers share that sentiment – for as tough as the STAAR is on the kids and parents, I can’t imagine the pressure on teachers.  Thank goodness we have such awesome teachers taking care of our boys.

Here’s a quick ‘Words of the Week’ to hopefully bring a smile and set us on the downward slide toward Friday.


JJ – Does Loki have a teeny tiny butt? Cole – Loki doesn’t have a tiny butt, but you do.

Um mom, I stapled my finger.

I think I’m allergic to dad’s hair gel.

Why you gotta hit a man when he’s not looking?!

Don’t draw on yourself.

He’s Canadian – I mean comedian.

When I face swap with you, I end up looking like Cole.

It seems kind of douchey here.  Oh yeah – it’s the douchiest.

I think I need a punching bag.

Did Dad tell you my Quotable Cole?


Only 2 more weeks of school – we got this.






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