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Watts Words of the Week II

words of the week

Time for the second installment of Watts Words of the Week.  But first a quick recap:

Another week has come and gone which means I’m one week closer to having a teenager! Still not ready.  I have 1 month to get there.   JJ toured the Jr High this week.  While I’m not ready – he certainly is.  Better get used to that. I’m glad he is looking forward to the change and not scared by it.   I’m sure the anxiety will creep in as we get closer, but fingers crossed the excitement comes out on top.

Cole’s first dance recital is in just over a month.  His instructor has finalized the routine, costumes are coming in, and we have special shoes.  He is ready to show off his moves!  I’m sure the anxiety will creep in as we get closer, but fingers crossed the excitements comes out on top.

Without further adieu:

JJ – Are you fairly local?  Cole – I’ve been around.

Either way, I was going to end up with the dollar.

Cinnamon means the same, right?   — No, that’s synonym.

I think I’m Beyoncé.

It’s like that bad foot rabbit (to translate – unlucky rabbit’s foot)

Why is Prince so awesome?

See that scar?  I drew the mustache over some of it.

You know in any show – unless it’s Supernatural – when someone dies, they are gone for good.

Relax dude, Bernie Sanders isn’t president yet.

It’s legitness.

IT’S A TINY HOUSE!  STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT NO STORAGE!  (Tiny House Hunters must be yelled at)

Get ready to have your butt smashed.

Are you junkless?  No, he’s a werepire.

I love you, I love you, I love you  (sang in the style of Elf)

It was a pretty good week for #keepingitreal words and phrases.  Or it was until today when HANGRY crashed brunch.    Thankfully mimosas (and finally food) arrived so he didn’t stay too long.  Granted it was long enough for the PlayStation to be collateral damage (one may be free to say WORDS but one is not free from the consequences of those words)  but we left brunch slinging jokes and laughing.  Thank goodness for the amazing powers of French Toast!



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