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Watts Words of the Week

In a household full of sarcastic preteens and super clever adults, we manage to say some notable things.  I’ve decided to keep a log of these words for posterity.  There is never a dull moment.

Hopefully I’ll get better at remembering to write them down during the week!  Here is what I remember from this week:

That’s what she said.  (its’ a classic)

Purple Rain is the best song EVER!

The song is true, Only the Good Die Young.  I guess Justin Bieber will live forever.

Only douchbags wear sunglasses at night.

I just kneed myself in the nose.

I meant to hit that tree.

Thanks for the applause.

Hold on, someone is about to die.

The helicopters aren’t looking for you, are they?

What’s wrong and what’s right really?

Is that pee on the bed? (it wasn’t)

Ooh, the cats are mad at you!

I’m voting for Not Trump.

I only walked chest deep in the creek.

Such skill.  Much amazement.

Sparta is mine
seconds before falling in
JJ – I have a stick.  Cole — We all do, well except for mom.

I’m stopping this at 10 min.

Sparta is mine.

My strategies have failed me.

Loki, stop eating the door.

I’ll just eat the door until you let me in.
We are working The Watts Way into our everyday words and phrases too.  So far our most used is “Be Humorous – NOT Foolish.”  That gives you a little insight into the everyday actions of our boys.

There are also some words that are on repeat (mainly said by me/Jason).  I’m including these just as a nod to #keepingitreal :

Be nice to your brother.

Did you put on deodorant?

No more video games.

Are you arguing just to argue?

Go to bed.

Too bad.

Don’t engage.

You need to chill.

Make good choices!  usually in text form, followed by one of these gifs (I do love a good gif):

Although, our favorite isn’t even a word.  It’s a solid fist bump when Jason and I enjoy a parenting win.  

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