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Watts Words and 2008 Videos

With Jalyn gone this week, the dog days of summer creeping in, and the stream of consciousness that is Cole, I haven’t kept up with our Watts Words very well.   I did manage a few though.  Some of the gems spoken in the last week or so.

Oooh – it’s Earth, Wind, and Fire!

Why are soccer players such bad actors?

This is going to be a great week without my judgey brother.

I don’t want to crap in a crap bathroom.

I almost broke a toe.

I wonder how much hot sauce they give you if you actually order hot sauce.  (about Taco Casa)

Also this weekend, I spent a crazy amount of time trying to figure out how to download old Blogger videos so I could attach them to the corresponding posts on TeamWattsBlog.  After yelling at the computer, trying to figure out how to transfer from my old Hi8 and MiniDV tapes, and finally getting something to work, I uploaded them to YouTube (as well as attached them to the old posts).

Here are some old home videos from 2008. The quality is not great, but the memories are 🙂

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