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They aren’t Frisbees, they are Discs!

Cole has discovered a new hobby. . . .disc golf.  It is a game that suits him and that he has quite the knack for. IMG_4432

The game is relatively new to our family. It was introduced to Jason through a neighborhood group that plays. Jason went out with them a couple of times and was hooked. He now has his own discs and a basket. On days where the group can’t get together, Jason will set up the basket in the way back and practice driving or putting.

One afternoon, Cole tagged along with Jason to practice. When they came back in, Cole was hooked too. It helps that he’s good at it, but it is also a way for him and Jason to connect. They talk about par and distance, which disc to use, and which ones is their favorite.  This morning, they even watched YouTube videos to help improve their form. 🙂

I got to see this interaction Friday afternoon. Cole chose to wait for Jason to play disc golf over skateboarding. That is big as skateboarding is EVERYTHING!  Once Jason could sign off from work, they loaded up the basket and went to the way back. I made my way out there a little later. Fiona and I followed them around as they set up their throws and gauged distance, etc.   I even got to witness the shot to end all shots!  It was on a par 5 hole that Cole made in only 3 shots.   (of course, after that whenever I tried to video, the spectacular shots were aloof and didn’t want to be photographed)


While Cole may be slow to warm, once he decides a thing is important, he jumps right in.   We’ve seen it with his dance, skateboarding, and even Pokemon.  If you notice, not a lot of ‘standard’ endeavors there.  (He leaves that to big brother.)  No, Cole likes to walk (dance, jump, slide, etc) to his own beat, and that is evidenced by his choices as he gets older (not just in clothing).  Even in baseball, you’ll see him dancing in the outfield or singing during his windup.

He reminds me every day to look at things with a slightly different hue.   And a hope that I’ll be able to keep up as his ideas and passions take off.

Disc golf is a new spark of interest.  One that I think will get fanned into a full-out flame.

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