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The Zoo!

We went to the zoo today – half price Wednesday! It was so much fun – and the boys did great! We walked through the whole thing – and then when we found out the train wasn’t working – walked even more! I think Cole’s favorite animal was either the kangaroo or the zebra – and Jalyn liked the penguins and the elephants.

Of course the ones I wanted to see were no where to be found – like the giraffe and those lazy lions. After our zoo trip we went to a little park and ate lunch. All the benches were in the sun, so we ate on the grass – no blanket or anything – but it was really nice. The boys did great. Cole didn’t want to have his picture taken after lunch, but I managed to get him in the shot. You can tell he wasn’t happy about it. I think he was asleep about 5 minutes after I took the picture!

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