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The Perfect #TBT Pic (Happy Birthday Mom!)

It’s Thursday – which means I get to flip through old photo albums or scroll through Picasa/Google Photos looking for a #tbt picture.

Today was special as I searched for one to celebrate my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!!  That task sent me on a quest for not just any picture but the PERFECT picture.  It was a lot harder than I thought, for a few different reasons. . .

  1.  My mother is in less than 5% of my pictures.  That includes pictures from when I was a kid, when my boys were little, all the way to today.  5% doesn’t give you many to choose from especially when you factor out all the closed eyes, goofy faces, or out of focus pics.  That number dwindles even more when you take out pics I’ve already posted!  (Note to self – get in more pictures!! Heaven forbid my boys ever have to go on a hunt for the perfect #tbt pic and can’t find enough!)
  2. Since Scott passed away this year, I’ve been more aware of the emotions a picture may bring up.  Pictures that may have a good memory for me, may be bittersweet or downright sad to someone else.  Even a picture of me at my first day of college had me thinking, “Wait, was that a happy day for mom? I seem to remember tears.” I know she like to see pictures of her or the boys with Scott, but I wanted a picture that was all happy.
  3. Looking for one perfect picture means you have to look through a bunch.  This isn’t necessarily bad but it can be time-consuming.  More importantly, you end up finding pictures you haven’t thought of in years, don’t even remember, favorites, and proof that time flies.  Seeing pictures of my chunky monkey boys or early pics with Jason and I brings up all sorts of memories.  Which then leads to, “OMG, how is that kiddo going to be 13 in June?!?!?”  or  “Awwww, remember when Cole always wore mismatched socks?”  (nice that some things remain the same).

I finally settled on a couple of pictures of mom with the boys when they were little (pic)  I still feel like the perfect picture eluded me.  Maybe I’ll stumble upon it next year!

I’ll leave you with just a few of the ones I ran across that didn’t meet my Unicorn status criteria.  Happy Birthday!


And a couple of the boys, because CUTE BABIES!


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