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The First of the Lasts

Today was our schools Color Run fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser we have always supported but never been able to attend.  Baseball and rain kept us from the event.  Since I’m not much of a runner and Jason isn’t one to have things thrown at him – we didn’t really stress over it.  The pictures always made it look fun, but we were content to just look at pictures.

This year the planets aligned and the Color Run was held on a Sunday, a Sunday with no baseball.

It didn’t hit me until we were there, that while this was Jalyn’s first ever Color Run at Hurst Hills; it was also his last (as a student at Hurst Hills).  I hadn’t really paid much attention to the ‘lasts’ that Jalyn has had this year but this one made me take notice.

Our elementary school goes from Pre-K to 6th, with Jr High starting in 7th. Watching him and his friends grow and mature has taken on a new meaning this year.  He’s been with a lot of these same kids since Pre-K and it is weird to think that they won’t all be together next year.   The Jr. High that JJ will attend is bigger than my High School, so even if they are at the same school, the chance of being in the same classes, lunch, etc is slim.  img_4344

With only 2 months left in school, I’m sure I’ll notice more of the ‘lasts’ and they will hit harder.  Going into Jr High isn’t THAT momentous, but it does mean we are 1 year closer to High School, 1 year closer to driving, 1 year closer to girlfriends, and 1 year closer to Graduation and College.  Those ‘lasts’ will pile up with each passing year.

I guess I better start paying attention!img_4346


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