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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving – traveling to Sayre, OK then to Abilene and finally back home. Even with all the driving, it was a nice, restful holiday. We had great food and it was so good to see family – it didn’t hurt to have my mom and brother handy. As you can see, the boys (and girls) went ‘hunting’. They actually saw some deer, but no one was able to get that buck!

Also at Thanksgiving – specifically out at Aunt Jan’s – we found a little kitten to bring home. His name is Mickey Blue Eyes (he has great blue eyes – Jalyn says ‘his eyes are just like ours!’ – and he has been a lot of fun. He was a little skittish at first – being a farm cat and all – but warmed up quickly. He even has won over Zoe – although Caesar is still on the fence. He is very playful – he will attack just about anything that might be laying around on the floor. He is having a field day with the Christmas tree!

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