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Thanks Timehop

On normal days, Timehop and Facebook Memories are great.  They are little #tbt everyday and you know I love a good throwback pic.  I love to see pictures of the boys from years ago or relive a Rangers game through tweets.  It’s funny to see how posting styles have changed over the years – from the “are going to” posts of 7 years ago – to the meme filled posts of the past year.  Not to mention the cringe-worthy posts of times gone by (you know you have them).

The past week or so though, Timehop has not just been the bearer of happy memories and pictures. Instead, it has been walking us through the posts and pleas that made up 1 year ago this month.  The unknown at the time, ‘Beginning of the End’ for Scott.

It started with a post from mom stating that she was taking him to the hospital.  Since then, there have been some that other’s posted asking for prayers, and another from mom when Scott was about to have his abdominal surgery.

The toughest part is knowing this is just the beginning.  Over the next few months, there will be even more update and fundraiser posts.   Timehop will chronicle Scott’s last months through the eyes of social media.

Of course, this phenomenon is not saved exclusively for my family.  I remember seeing someone else post about it a few months ago.  More recently, a friend shared her Timehop memory with me, with the accompanying text ” Makes me sad to realize its been 2 yrs since I’ve heard my Daddy’s voice” .  A few days later it reminded her of the day he had his stroke.  It was then she coined the phrase “Thanks Timehop!”  That was followed up later by a “Damn You Timehop”.   It will be interesting to see what creative insults and imaginative words we throw at Timehop over the next few months.

I know there were funny moments and happy times during those months.  I hope those times made it to Facebook too and not just the scary moments.  And to be fair,  there were even cute pictures and memes mixed in over the last week.

I guess that is the beauty of Timehop.  While it may make us relive tough times, it also reminds us of the happier moments that occurred on that same day of a different year.   Puts the phrase ‘Find the Good’ to use — with each sad memory, the challenge is to find a good one from that date (no matter the year) or recall your own (non-social media) happy memory to soak in.

Challenge Accepted






Thanks Timehop!

PS – if you haven’t used Timehop – you should check it out. 🙂


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