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Tee Ball here we come!

We got Jalyn signed up for tee-ball this week. He is so excited! He used some money from Mimi to buy himself a tee and a new bat – and we got him a new glove (he outgrew his old one – so it now belongs to Cole) , some hitting gloves, and some cleats. We waiting to see what team he will be on. He has been practicing and has gotten pretty good at hitting it off the tee – he does well with Jason pitching it to him too! Cole has even gotten the hang of hitting it off the tee. The day we got his new cleats and hitting gloves – Jalyn couldn’t wait – even to change into some athletic clothes – to try them out. He has on his gloves, his cleats, and his Sunday best! I know that Jalyn playing tee-ball at age 5 doesn’t mean that he will be playing baseball throughout high school – but if so, I hope it grows on me!

We get to meet Jalyn’s new teacher tomorrow evening. Mrs. Padilla set a pretty high standard, but I’m sure we’ll have another great experience this year. She sent Jalyn a post card yesterday – which he loved. Cole is settling in at his new daycare. Jalyn isn’t thrilled about having to go to Cole’s school – but he doesn’t have much longer. The staff is very nice – and they love our boys. They’ve told us more than once what great boys we have and that they wish the rest were as sweet as Jalyn and Cole!

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