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Spring t-ball begins!

Today, Jalyn had his first t-ball game of the spring. He is on the Braves this go round. They did really well – paying attention (for the most part) and they had some good hits. Jalyn made a great play when on 2nd – he stopped the ball and tagged the runner out!

I don’t know if they won or not – but we did find out that there are winners/losers in Spring ball! But they played well for their 1st game – and now that the novelty of that is done with – hopefully the next game will be even better.

We closed on our house!!! I’m waiting on posting pictures of the new house – because we got new living room furniture – that will be delivered this week – and we are going to Amarillo to pick up some stuff next weekend. I want it all set before posting pictures :).
We have had some interest in the town house – so everyone say a prayer and cross your fingers that some one will rent it! I would much rather put that money toward new stuff for the house – than toward the rent of a town house we aren’t living in!!!

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