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Granddaddy sent the boys soccer shirts from Brazil – and the boys love them! We opened them yesterday – and the boys put them right on and haven’t taken them off! Jalyn even happened to have a pair of shorts that matched!
Jalyn is also excited about the birthday money that came with the shirts – he already has a Wii game picked out! Thanks Granddaddy!

Lolli came by yesterday – we got to gawk at Porsche’s when we went with her to get hers serviced. There was one there for $107,000 – for a car! She stayed for a while and watched us play our Wii – and played some too. It was so great to see her!

Yesterday they did a water pressure test on our water lines – we haven’t heard anything – so we are hoping no news is good news. Today the new buyer is going to meet with the home inspector – they are going to walk through the inspection he did for our previous ‘buyers’ – so we are hoping to hear something today. Our option period is over late next week, but if we can get the obstacles over with today – that would take some stress off.

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