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School is Out!

The craziness that is MAY is almost over, school is out, and baseball is down to 1 boy! Summer is here!!  I almost didn’t make it through May. I have never forgotten more or been late more than I have this May. So glad that it is almost over.

Even though the last day of school was Wednesday, it still managed to feel like a full week.  One thing that made the days flow was that Mom was here!  Yay for Moms!

Monday held 4th grade awards.  Cole took home his fair share, including: Citizenship, Perfect Attendance, A/B Honor Roll, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Excellence in PE, and Young Friend of the Library.  Very proud that my “path of least resistance” kiddo excelled as he did.  Shout out to his teachers for pushing him to that standard!



On Tuesday, the “Falcon’s Got Talent” school talent show took place. Jalyn entered with a Stand Up Comedy Routine; one that he came up with himself (Jason just helped polish)! As someone who has difficulty speaking in front of a group of anyone, the fact that he chose to do stand up for his talent blows me away. It’s not just public speaking, it is putting yourself out there creatively. I get nervous just thinking about it.
Jalyn rocked it! His observational comedy, delivery, and timing were spot on. He even added stuff the day of that added to the laughs. If you haven’t already seen it (or even if you have), check it out!

Wednesday was THE DAY.  Not just the last day of school, but the last day of elementary school for Jalyn.  The last day at a school that he has attended since pre-k!  8 years!  Even though we are all ready for the change, it was a bittersweet day.  We have been blessed with an amazing school, teachers that love and push, and great classmates.  Hard to let go of it all.

Together since Pre-K
Together since Pre-K


Jalyn also took home quite a few awards, including: Silver President’s Award (A/B yearly averages 4th-6th grade), Outstanding Artist, Whiz Quiz, Falcon Club (at HH since KG), Perfect Attendance, and A/B Honor Roll.  The hardest parts for me (when the tissues came out), were the slideshows.  It wasn’t just the pictures that had me tearing up, it was the songs they chose to accompany the slideshow.  I really think they picked those songs with the intent of making us parents cry.  While I had a log in my eye at times, I was kind of shocked that I didn’t cry more.  I mean I only used 2 tissues and that was within the first 10 minutes.  There were no tears during the awards, the reception, or the clap out (when the entire school lines the hallways and claps for the 6th graders as they walk through the school and exit the building for the last time as students).  After the nostalgia wore off, the relief of finally making it to this date was the overwhelming emotion.

clap out

After the clap out, we caravaned to Braum’s for the traditional lunch/ice cream meet up.  The kids all sit around and chat with parents sitting outside of the ‘meeting room’.  It also gives us parents time to chat and reflect on the year.


Once everyone had eaten, we head back to our house for another tradition: The End of Year Swim. This tradition has become increasingly more enjoyable for the adults as the kids have gotten older.  They don’t have to be watched like a hawk anymore!  They can swim and play independently.  (disclaimer: an adult supervised swimmers at all times.)  As swimming got old, a group went out front to play a little football.  The recently ‘graduated’ 6th graders roamed from the pool to the front and back again like a mini gang.  The best part about these traditions is watching them grow.



It is now Thursday (which totally feels like it should be Saturday).  The laziness of the morning was sublime.  No morning meltdowns because of hair or clothes or shoes or whatever. No lunches to make.  No forgotten homework to finish.  Ahhhhh Summer.

I am going to enjoy this wonderful feeling while it lasts.  Soon enough the boredom of summer will set in and I’ll be wishing for the routine and structure of the school year.

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