School is Out!

The craziness that is MAY is almost over, school is out, and baseball is down to 1 boy! Summer is here!!  I almost didn’t make it through May. I have never forgotten more or been late more than I have this May. So glad that it is almost over. Even though the last day of […]

Wait, What?!

This week held a quite a few ‘Hold up Time!’ moments.  (not my favorite recurring theme) After the realizations of the Color Run, the very next day I got to experience a  Jr High planning meeting. The Jr High meeting was just another time to scream ‘I’m not ready!’ So many dates to remember and […]

The First of the Lasts

Today was our schools Color Run fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser we have always supported but never been able to attend.  Baseball and rain kept us from the event.  Since I’m not much of a runner and Jason isn’t one to have things thrown at him – we didn’t really stress over it.  The pictures […]

Cole Goes to Austin

As Cole jumped out of my car and ran to catch up to a friend, a knot of anxiety I wasn’t even aware of, dissipated.  My baby was excited to go on a field trip to Austin! Every year, the 4th grade class takes a field trip to Austin to see the Capital and the […]

Writing Sample

I thought this was so cool – it is a sample of Jalyn’s writing (if you click on it, you can see it better). He drew a picture of his Wii and a controller (with lots of wires) – and wrote “I like Lego Star Wars. It is Fun!” He sounded it out all by […]

First Day of School!!!

Today was Jalyn’s first day of school! I didn’t get to take him – and still haven’t decided how I feel about that. It saved me from any first day tears (or sobs like last year) – but I feel like I missed something too. Jason walked him to school and once inside Jalyn didn’t […]