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Jason has already been promoted with Dish! He is now an Area Sales Manager! His previous job had him training sales people within Radio Shack and Sears, etc on how to sell Dish Network. His new job will have him working with Independent Retailers – as a consultant/trainer. I’m sure it is more complicated than that – and I think he is going to have to take up golf – but that is all I understand of it. While his schedule won’t be as flexible – the increase in income will be nice 🙂
Travel will also be somewhat more – but he gets to travel to places like Florida – and maybe Las Vegas – so we will probably try to make the best of that and schedule things so that we can make vacations out of it. He already gets to go to Raleigh, NC and Denver Co within the next couple of weeks. While in OKC this weekend – we went to this steak house – Mahogany – to celebrate. That was very nice and the steaks were incredible.

This week – the boys are headed to Grandma’s in Abilene. Which means a very quiet week for me – although I’m sure by Wednesday I’ll be bored. I’m going to try to get over to my new school and get some things unloaded – find my room, etc. I start school/inservice on Aug 14 – so since my time is running out, I figured I’d better meet my principal and get my room started. I’m not ready!!!

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