Team Watts

Adventures of the Watts Family

Football and Bikes

We found out that there is a Flag Football league for kids Jalyn’s age – that plays in the fall – so we got some flags and the boys have been playing ‘tackle’ with them. Trying to teach the boys not to throw a fit every time someone gets there flag has been an adventure! […]

New Bikes!

Jalyn and Cole used some birthday money from Grandma Nell and Grandpa Ward to get new bikes. Jalyn now has a bike that is big enough and Cole has a 2 wheeler that fits him! Hopefully now Jalyn might be able to get up enough speed to stay upright without training wheels. Cole is still […]

Soccer Stars

Granddaddy sent the boys soccer shirts from Brazil – and the boys love them! We opened them yesterday – and the boys put them right on and haven’t taken them off! Jalyn even happened to have a pair of shorts that matched! Jalyn is also excited about the birthday money that came with the shirts […]

Mister Grace

So my sweet Cole isn’t the most graceful thing – and today he gave more credence to that statement. All weekend in Abilene he stumbled over his feet – in part because of his Thomas sandals and uneven sidewalks – and he has the scraps and bruises to prove it. Today – in those same […]

And here’s Cole!

Here is Cole with his new haircut! All of his curls are gone 🙁 but he looks good! He looks older – which I’m not sure if I like or not. He doesn’t look like a ragamuffin anymore – that’s for sure! He was so excited to show me and tell me about it. And […]

We have a contract!!!

Hooray! We have a contract on our house – so thanks for all the prayers. We still need them – at least until the option period is over – which should be on the 26th. This buyer seems to have his finances together – so that is one thing we don’t have to worry about […]

Abilene and a new Couch!

We went to Abilene this past weekend and had a great time. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures – but we got to see Erika and Kino, and spend the afternoon swimming. It was a very relaxing weekend. Jalyn’s swimming is improving every day – he really got the hang of it at […]

The Zoo!

We went to the zoo today – half price Wednesday! It was so much fun – and the boys did great! We walked through the whole thing – and then when we found out the train wasn’t working – walked even more! I think Cole’s favorite animal was either the kangaroo or the zebra – […]

Killing Time

The boys and I are killing time this week – doing some fun stuff. Yesterday we went to the library for story time. Jalyn did such a good job – sitting still and listening to the stories – even when the child next to him wasn’t. Cole even did pretty well. He sat with me […]

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Yesterday Jason and Jalyn went to their 1st Rangers game. While they Rangers didn’t win, the boys had a great time! Jalyn got to hit a couple of balls with a whiffle bat (and even got to keep the bat) – he got a new hat – and stayed the entire game! He was so […]