Team Watts

Adventures of the Watts Family

My baby is 3!

Cole turned 3 on Sept 5. It just doesn’t seem right that he is already 3. I’m not ready. It doesn’t help that he is still so tiny – that just helps me forget that he is a ‘big boy’ now. Of course, I think the terrible two’s waited until he was 3 to show […]

First Day of School!!!

Today was Jalyn’s first day of school! I didn’t get to take him – and still haven’t decided how I feel about that. It saved me from any first day tears (or sobs like last year) – but I feel like I missed something too. Jason walked him to school and once inside Jalyn didn’t […]

Tee Ball here we come!

We got Jalyn signed up for tee-ball this week. He is so excited! He used some money from Mimi to buy himself a tee and a new bat – and we got him a new glove (he outgrew his old one – so it now belongs to Cole) , some hitting gloves, and some cleats. […]

Green Hair!

Jalyn has turned into quite the swimmer this summer – he can swim across the pool with no help and has gotten good at diving for rings too. As if to prove what a great swimmer he is – his hair has turned a wonderful shade of green. You can’t really tell in the picture […]


Jason has already been promoted with Dish! He is now an Area Sales Manager! His previous job had him training sales people within Radio Shack and Sears, etc on how to sell Dish Network. His new job will have him working with Independent Retailers – as a consultant/trainer. I’m sure it is more complicated than […]

The Stockyards

We spent late Saturday afternoon at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The boys loved it! We got there just in time to watch the cowboys drive the longhorn down the street. We then watched a gun fight – or rather Jalyn and Jason watched the gun fight. It was too loud for Cole, so we shopped. […]

No training wheels and Fireworks!

Jalyn can ride his bike without training wheels! When we were in Amarillo – Jalyn decided he wanted to try his riding with his training wheels. Jason took them off – gave Jalyn a few pointers – and Jalyn was off! He figured out how to stop pretty quick – with no accidents – but […]

Birthday Swim

On Sunday we went to a birthday party (I went to UT with the birthday girl’s mom) where the boys got to show off their swimming abilities. Everyone was blown away by how well Jalyn and Cole did in the water. Jalyn jumped off the diving board and swam like a fish! Cole even jumped […]

Summer Fun

I put this together for our MySpace page – and thought I’d share here too. Some are repeats, but there are some new ones thrown in there too. Enjoy!