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TeamWatts Christmas family photo

Squeezed in a family photo before Operation Christmas Take Down commenced! ¬†The boys are sporting new clothes from grandparents! Looking good ūüôā ¬†#byechristmas #teamwatts via Instagram

Overcoming Scuba Anxiety 1 Rational Thought At A Time

In Jamaica this past summer, some of us took a Discovery Scuba course at the resort.  It was a great introduction to the sport and Jason/Jalyn were hooked.  They took the opportunity to add-on to the discovery course and get… Continue Reading →

We are the Watts and we need a Clean Intervention

For a long time, we employed the services of a housekeeper.¬†¬† It was beautiful.¬† The house was clean, we had that time back, and a quick pick up would get us back to good.¬† Then, on a dark and cold… Continue Reading →

Fall is Coming!!

Fall is coming!¬† Fall is coming! I know this, not because there is a chill in the air or because the leaves are turning, but because pumpkin spice is taking over and football has started!¬† And even though it is… Continue Reading →

Parenting Hacks (that really work)

As we all know, parenting is no walk in the park.¬† Thankfully I have learned a few things, or hacks, as the boys have gotten older.¬† Things that make my life easier and simultaneously help them get ready for adulthood.¬†… Continue Reading →

Watts Take Negril

It’s been almost a week since returning home from Jamaica and I’m still wishing I was back on the island. ¬†From the beautiful views and relaxation to the adrenaline inducing activities and new experiences, everything was covered.¬† And that doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Thank you Prozac – I couldn’t have made it without you

Hi Friends! ¬†It has been a while. ¬†I’d like to say it’s because we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write, but the opposite is more true. ¬†I seem to do less when I have the most… Continue Reading →

My 16 1/2 Day Challenge

I’m at the¬†end of the 21 day challenge and thought I’d update everyone on how it went.¬† This challenge was good for me in that it was simple to follow, not too restrictive, and had workouts included.¬†¬† It also got… Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Watts Words¬†

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! While Mother’s Day is all about me finding some peace and quiet, getting waited on hand and foot, and doing as little as possible (and let’s face it, pretending to not… Continue Reading →

Watts Words and 2008 Videos

With Jalyn gone this week, the dog days of summer creeping in, and the stream of consciousness that is Cole, I haven’t kept up with our Watts Words very well.   I did manage a few though.  Some of the… Continue Reading →

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