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OMG! We have a Teenager!

OMG! We have a Teenager!

Well, it finally happened. Jalyn turned 13 and is now officially a teenager.  Kind of like with my own birthdays, (I always expected to wake up feeling significantly different) I thought with the magic of 13 JJ, would wake up a brand new sassy, bossy, know it all, stereotypical teenager.  Wait, wasn’t that what he went to bed as?   Good or bad (I haven’t decided yet), 13 isn’t that different from 12 so far. It appears that Jalyn has been transitioning into the teen-years for a while now. He may have even been prepping us for this moment since birth.

After doing some quick “research” (aka googling), I have come to find out that the strong-willed child (SWC) shares a lot of characteristics with your average teenager. Since SWC grow into teenagers, I should be an expert on the strong-willed as we are lucky enough to have 2 very strong-willed boys.  Unfortunately for my bank account and ego, Jalyn and Cole demonstrate their SWC traits in completely different ways, which of course calls for different tactics to parent them.   At least we have a few years before Cole also becomes a dual SWC/Teenager.

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There is one thing that Teenagers have that SWC don’t:  HORMONES.   Oh the wonderful world of puberty.  I am blessed to ‘only’ have boys so Jason gets to have the fun conversations and field any questions about how one’s body will be changing.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t bear to be completely left out of the process, so I make sure my contributions are well-timed, sarcastic, and embarrassment inducing.  Being a mom of boys does have its perks.

The most recent perk:  having a sweet teenage boy who still gives spontaneous hugs and “I love you’s”  ❤

Happy Birthday Jalyn!!

We have a teenager

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