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No training wheels and Fireworks!

Jalyn can ride his bike without training wheels! When we were in Amarillo – Jalyn decided he wanted to try his riding with his training wheels. Jason took them off – gave Jalyn a few pointers – and Jalyn was off! He figured out how to stop pretty quick – with no accidents – but starting took a bit longer. He got that figured out, but is still working on turning. We are so proud!
The boys got to watch 2 sets of fireworks this weekend. One in Amarillo at Mimi’s house – and one in Hereford. The fireworks in Hereford are always an adventure – mainly because of our location. We watch directly across the street from where they launch them. You can feel them when they explode and it seems like the big ones will engulf you. It is kind of like being in a 3-d movie – where you feel like you could reach out and touch the fireworks. It is amazing! I’ll have to try to get pictures or video next year – but I bet it wouldn’t capture it exactly.
In Hereford, the boys got to ride in the parade in the XIT mustang. Since Jalyn’s favorite car right now is the mustang – he was living large. They got to throw candy – and they had a great time. At night, the boys lit some sparklers and threw poppers.
The drive home was long – but we had a great time in the Panhandle! Here is a slide show!

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