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New Bikes!

Jalyn and Cole used some birthday money from Grandma Nell and Grandpa Ward to get new bikes. Jalyn now has a bike that is big enough and Cole has a 2 wheeler that fits him! Hopefully now Jalyn might be able to get up enough speed to stay upright without training wheels. Cole is still a little wobbly – and can’t quite figure out the back peddle brakes – and sometimes can’t turn around – but he is great at those straight-aways.

We got word today that everything went well with the inspection and water pressure test – we are set to close on July 3rd! We plan on being in Amarillo then for the 4th – so it seems like it is all going to work out perfectly! We probably won’t be completely relaxed until the papers are signed – but this is a good step in that direction! Thanks for all the prayers!

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