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My baby is 3!

Cole turned 3 on Sept 5. It just doesn’t seem right that he is already 3. I’m not ready. It doesn’t help that he is still so tiny – that just helps me forget that he is a ‘big boy’ now. Of course, I think the terrible two’s waited until he was 3 to show up – he has dug in his heels more in the past week than I think he has the past 6 months!!

He got some great gifts for his birthday – one of his favorites was a microphone that works
with the tv to be kind of a karaoke machine. He sings and dances – and he’s really good (and that’s not just a mommy talking). The boy can carry a tune. He was lucky enough to have 2 parties – one at Granny’s (with the Ames, Sessions, and Treadwells) and then another here at home (with the Watts, Kicks, and Hudgens). I never had my camera handy at Granny’s – but luckily everyone else did – so the weekend is well documented. As soon as I get them to send me pictures – I’ll post some. With 2 parties comes 2 cakes – he had a Blue’s Clue’s cake that was the cutest at Granny’s and Diego cupcakes here at the house. Cole and Jalyn’s friends from across the way came to the party – we were going to go swimming, but they drained the pool! We still managed to have a good time though.

Jalyn is doing well at school – and as you can see – is a 5 year old fashion icon – he had a tough week last week – he was very sad about not being able to play with Little Jaguar anymore – and he had a hard time getting over it. But he is doing great this week. Jalyn took this picture of Cole – watch out ‘cle Craig – Jalyn may have the picture gene too! 😉

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