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Making our house a home!

We are slowly but surely making our new house ours. We got some new furniture a few weeks ago – and that has made a huge difference in our living room. It is cozy and we all have a place to sit.

Yesterday we got a new dishwasher. You don’t think about how exciting a new appliance can be, until you see it in action. While I knew my old dishwasher wasn’t cleaning very well, it still shocked me when I unloaded clean dishes from the new one. I don’t think I realized that dishes could get that clean!

We also got the hot tub hooked up and working. The boys love it – it is there own personal sized swimming pool. It is so nice to get in after a long day and have the jets massage your back. I think there has only been one day since we got it hooked up that we haven’t gotten in – and it was raining that day!

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