The boys and I are killing time this week – doing some fun stuff. Yesterday we went to the library for story time. Jalyn did such a good job – sitting still and listening to the stories – even when the child next to him wasn’t. Cole even did pretty well. He sat with me – and lotion and candy kept him occupied most of the time! Then we went swimming. We had the best time – Jalyn made a new friend and they played and played for almost an hour! Today we are off to the zoo! The kids are very excited about it – I just hope it doesn’t get too hot too fast. Jason doesn’t get home until Friday – so tomorrow might be a day of rest. Once he gets home – we are going to turn around and head to Abliene. Kino and Erika are in town so it will be like a mini family reunion. The kids can’t wait to see Grandma and the hot tub!