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Jack-o-lantern time

We finally got around to carving our jack-0-lantern this year. It turned out to be a good one too! Cole still doesn’t like the ‘guts’ – he tried but got very grossed out by it. I think he almost gagged when he was pulling out seeds and goo – we had to get a paper towel right away. Jalyn was much more into it – he asked Jason if he could cut about a million times (no exaggeration!). I got to draw the face – but the boys did most of it. Jalyn wanted a pumpkin with vampire teeth – so he guided me while I drew. He has very definite ideas and is pretty good about expressing them. Toward the end of the carving, I noticed Cole was singing (not a rare event) – but when I listened to him – this is what he was singing “jack-o-lanterns are orange, jack-o-lanterns are orange – o-r-a-n-g-e spells orange.” I must say – I have some pretty impressive boys!

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