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How’s that Nourish thing going?

After Spring Break was done and life resumed its normal routine, I realized that we are a quarter of the way through 2017.  Already.  That realization had me reflecting on how I was doing with my One Word – Nourish.

The whole purpose of having One Word, instead of resolutions, was to keep things away from a pass/fail viewpoint and to view the year as a journey.  With that in mind, I tried to review this first quarter as a map toward a final destination.  That didn’t last long.

My initial reaction to my progress along this path was my standard reaction — negative with a big helping of not good enough.   This was brought on by the fact that I started my ‘Nourish – Quarter in Review’ with the most society influenced item – my body.

Spring Break hiking aside, I have not exercised more than 3 times this year.  Yikes! I haven’t even felt guilty about it though (until now).  It just wasn’t high on my priority list.  Diet ranked pretty low too.  Fast food has returned to as my ‘go to’ for lunch.  While, I hadn’t thought much about it in the last 3 months, I felt the need to give myself a big FAIL on this portion of my Nourish journey.

Reminding myself that this isn’t a pass/fail endeavor, I started to dig deeper into my list.

Some of the other things I wanted to nourish were more personal.  I wanted to nourish my brain, soul, confidence, gratitude.  These required a different kind of effort than exercise and diet.

Again, on first pass, I felt I hadn’t been very successful on those fronts either.  A big chunk of the past 3 months have been filled with anxiety with a side of depression and helplessness.  The political climate has had me a bit twisted. Too much social media and inflammatory headlines just increased my anxiety.  A trip (or two) to my therapist and a regular dose of nuance with the podcast Pantsuit Politics, calmed my brain and helped me find a path through the chaos.

After giving myself some credit for working through the anxiety of the last couple of months, I began to see other ways I’m traveling my Nourish path.

  • I’ve continued my CY365 project – which makes me take a minute everyday to slow down and view my surroundings with a different viewpoint.  You can check them out by searching #teamwatts365.  Most are everyday life, but I try to channel ‘real’ photographers some too 🙂
  • I’ve maintained a consistent meditation practice, combining it with a gratitude journal that keeps me mindful and thankful.  The Insight Timer App provides me with guided meditations and a timer, not to mention stars for consecutive meditations!!
  • I’m reading daily.  Between audiobooks and ebooks (yay for the library!!), I’m branching out and reading/listening to a variety of books that stimulate my mind and emotion.  A few of my favorites have been “A Man Called Ove“, “The Nightingale“, “Feversong“, and “The Gifts of Imperfection”.
  • I’m donating to causes that mean the most to me, combating feelings of helplessness.
  • I’ve traveled and spent quality time with family – we have new inside jokes, made new memories, and enjoyed nature.  We navigated a last-minute change in plans (our original destination was Hot Springs) and had a great trip.  I made a conscious effort to ‘GET IN THE PIC!’ and think I did pretty well!  (see below for pics)
  • I worked hard, side by side with Jason and the boys, to refresh my living room and breathe some life into the space.

My journey is well on its way and writing this is opening the door on my previously dormant creativity.  The first quarter sped by, but there is a lot of year left to continue to Nourish.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our Spring Break in New Mexico 🙂

To Nourish is to Flourish







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  1. As usual, this is so good. You are so honest and I know it has to be hard to bare your deepest thoughts and insecurities, but it helps you to write it out and it reassures the rest of us that we aren’t the only ones who have anxieties and stressors about the world and our own lives. I hope you know how amazing I think you are and how proud I am of you. You are such an inspiration to me to do better. I know I fail lots of times but I feel like I’m making progress and that’s a good feeling. Keep blogging and I think you will find that you are nourishing a lot of us. Love, Your Mama

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