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Well – we were supposed to close on the house last Wednesday – and it got pushed back because of bank ‘backlog’ – whatever that is. It has been a frustrating week, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have another appt to close today! We managed to get the utilities transferred – all except for internet. Our DSL was disconnected, instead of moved, so now we have to wait a week or so for them to turn it back on.
My camera took a trip to New Orleans – and while I have it back – I haven’t managed to get any pictures taken, except the one of the exterior. We have painted and painted and cleaned. Mimi was here this past weekend – and Pops and Grams the weekend before. We weren’t quite moved in when Pops and Grams and Aunt Erin were here, so we shopped and played some with them. There was work involved – with some lighting – that looks really good now! Mimi made it just after we moved in – so her vacation included a lot of work! We unpacked and organized – and cleaned the townhouse – which still needs a renter. Pray for someone to need that townhouse!
Well hopefully this weekend will be more relaxing and I can get some pictures posted. Think of us at 4:30 when the closing should finally occur!

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