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Our first Supernatural con — #Houscon

In January we took the boys to Houston to attend Salute to Supernatural – a convention of All things Supernatural.

Disclaimer — this is a long one!

We went in nervous and unsure of what to expect.  Walking in the hotel doors – we immediately started spotting SPN shirts and cosplay.  It was pretty cool.

We made a point to get there on Friday as we had heard that Friday People are the best.  I have to agree.  Everyone was friendly and excited.  We missed The Sheriffs (bummer) and Mark (Crowley) wasn’t able to attend (bummer x2) but we got registered, fretted over photo ops, and geared up for Karaoke.


Wow!  Karaoke was a blast!  Seeing Rob (Chuck), Rich (Gabriel/Trickster), and Matt (Young John Winchester) dressed in their Game of Tones costumes was a riot.  We loved when Osric (Kevin), Brianna (Sheriff Donna), and Kim (Sheriff Jody) joined the party as well.

Jalyn had been going through an 80’s music phase, so karaoke music was right up his alley.  He knew most of the songs and sang his heart out.  Next time we’ll figure out how to pick a song and put his name on the list.


Panels/Autographs/Photo Ops

The panels were fun and entertaining.  It was neat to see/hear from these characters/actors in their own words.  Most were a lot funnier than I expected.

JJ got his name drawn to ask Misha (Castiel) a questions during his panel.  Oh the nerves!!  JJ did great – asking a question about getting into acting.  Misha started off his answer in jest by telling Jalyn to not stay in school.  He then dove into the question and gave a very sincere, helpful response.

Cole got some attention too.  He dressed up as Castiel on Saturday.  Everyone loved his costume and he got asked to take pictures with others.  During Ruthie Connell’s (Rowena) panel, he was sitting on the aisle.  She walked down the aisle saying hi to people and getting a feel for the room.  She stopped at Cole and said in her lovely accent “that’s quite a bit of stubble there”.   I tried to get a picture but in my shock and awe – I was a little late.  IMG_3270

Seeing Jensen (Dean) and Jared (Sam) on Sunday was awesome.  They are so at ease with each other and the fans that it is like just watching them pal around.  I laughed a lot more than I thought I would.  The boys stayed engaged and attentive too.  While Friday people are the best people, I get the draw of the just Sunday.  It is J2 day after all.

The autographs were an adventure as well.  Jalyn got Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills).   They were able to get a few extra moments with her because she took a drink of water right as they got up.  After she finished talking to another fan about writing inappropriate things on cast member pictures – Jason cracked a joke about Jalyn doing the same thing.  That joke lead to her writing “Jalyn – stop drawing rude pictures when people catch you. . . be stealthy.”

She was also Jalyn’s choice for a photo-op – with Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer).  As you can see, he got a great hug!  She was great!  And Jason and Jim look like relatives.  The photo ops go super fast – but they somehow manage to pack in all the feels.

Cole had his autograph with Misha Collins.   We were one of the last in line for him and didn’t get a lot of time with him but the boys did have a chance encounter earlier.

As we were waiting in line – the boys decided they needed to use the restroom.  Luckily, it was right by our autograph line.   I stayed in line to hold our place.  After a minute, I look up and Misha is 10 feet from me, talking to a volunteer.  I hurried to snap a pic but was too slow (that is recurring theme).

Soon after, the boys walk up to me.  I could tell just by looking at them that something was up.  They were shell-shocked and giddy.  Finally, they let me in on the secret.  When they walked into the bathroom, Misha was in there FaceTiming with his kiddos – saying good night and tucking them into bed.  He remembered Jalyn from the panel earlier and made a comment about Cole in his Castiel cosplay.  Glad it was Jason, and not me, as I probably would’ve been inappropriate and asked for a picture – in the bathroom.  (that’s a no-no!).

After the bathroom pleasantries, Cole and I finally made it up to Misha for the autograph.  I made a joke about him already meeting the rest of my family and he joked back about them all urinating at the same time.  He does have a way with words!

On Sunday, Cole and I had our photo-op with Jensen and Misha.  The line was crazy long and our anxious souls almost didn’t make it.  As we got closer, we were able to watch as other’s completed their ops.  Some were fairly elaborate – other’s were a quick hug or smile.  We opted for the quick smile ( I didn’t trust us with anything more involved!).  Misha recognized Cole with a big smile and they pulled us in for the pose.  It was over so fast, but we left walking on air.


One of the highlights of the weekend was the Saturday Night Special.  A concert by Louden Swain with guests including members of the Supernatural cast.  We love live music and LS did not disappoint.  They sang originals and covers, including (of course) “Carry on my Wayward Son”.  Karaoke gave us a taste, but SNS really displayed the amazing talent our Show has.

We had a blast at Supernatural Houscon and the boys have already told us that we WILL be going next year.

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