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Hook ’em Horns!/Pumpkin Patch

Hook ’em Horns!!!

We are so proud of our Longhorns! We read a headline yesterday that said “Colt – blooded Victory!” Pretty clever. We actually missed most of the game because Jalyn had a tee ball game, but luckily there were several people there keeping tabs on the game and they kept us updated. Also we set the DVR, so we watched it when we got home. It was a very celebratory day for us!

Last week Jalyn and Jason went with Jalyn’s school on a field trip to Green Meadows Farm. Jason went thinking there were just going to a pumpkin patch – but it ended up being much more.

Jalyn got to help milk a cow, they had a petting zoo, and lots of other vegetables to look through. And of course, Jalyn got to pick out a pumpkin! They got to eat lunch out there – and had a great time.
Jason got to talk with some of the parents too – which helped us realize that we really like this area. The people are very friendly and seem real. We have 2 areas we are considering when we get around to buying a house. One is right around here – the other is farther north. Each school has a neat program we are considering – the one by our house now has a program called Suzuki Strings where they teach KG+ the violin, viola, cello, or bass – which I think would be great for Cole when he gets older. The school farther north has a Spanish Immersion program – where starting in 1st grade they teach English speakers in Spanish. They only get English during non core classes – and then in 2nd grade they start to filter in more English instruction. That program would be great for Jalyn. Of course, there are no schools with both programs! At least we have some time to figure it out!

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