Watts Take the Keys

For Christmas 2016, we continued our new tradition of taking a trip.  This year, we opted for a location where we could incorporate our new hobby Scuba.  We are keeping our Christmas trips stateside, so The Florida Keys won.  There are other places to scuba in the US, but I preferred someplace warm, with warm […]

Father’s Day Watts Words 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! While Mother’s Day is all about me finding some peace and quiet, getting waited on hand and foot, and doing as little as possible (and let’s face it, pretending to not be a Mom for a bit)  – Jason takes a different approach to Father’s Day. […]

Jalyn’s Graduation

Jalyn’s graduation was quite a show – along with the awards and diplomas – there were songs and dancing. My video wasn’t set up great for the songs – so you can’t really see Jalyn – but they were very cute. After the ceremony – we had cake and punch. It was very neat. I […]

Easter Fun

This Easter was a pretty laid back affair. My dad, Ann, and Craig all came to town. We loved having them here. The boys hunted Easter Eggs on Saturday – courtesy of the Wiinikka’s. They boys had a great time finding the eggs and a better time opening them. The boys colored eggs on Sunday […]

Christmas Time is Here

Cole had his first Christmas program on Monday. It was chaos – but very cute. Cole didn’t sing at all during the program, but sang all his songs for me on the way home! He looked so cute in his hand/footprint Rudolph shirt and his jingle bell necklace. I’m trying to post a video – […]

Oh Christmas Tree

Our first order of business when we got home from our Thanksgiving travels was to go get a Christmas tree (we got a real on this year!). We picked out our tree and strapped it to the top of the car. Of course, it was terribly windy and cold – which one might say is […]


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving – traveling to Sayre, OK then to Abilene and finally back home. Even with all the driving, it was a nice, restful holiday. We had great food and it was so good to see family – it didn’t hurt to have my mom and brother handy. As you can see, […]

Halloween and More

The boys had a great time at Halloween. We went over to Jalyn’s friend – Hayden – house – and the boys went trick-or-treating with him. All the boys went to get candy – and Hayden’s mom (Ann) – and I stayed at their house to hand out candy. After trick-or-treating, the boys roasted some […]