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The boys had a great time at Halloween. We went over to Jalyn’s friend – Hayden – house – and the boys went trick-or-treating with him. All the boys went to get candy – and Hayden’s mom (Ann) – and I stayed at their house to hand out candy. After trick-or-treating, the boys roasted some marshmallows and then they watched the Great Pumpkin.
At Jalyn’s school, they were allowed to dress up as characters from nursery rhymes – Jalyn dressed up as one of the king’ s men from Humpty Dumpty. It was pretty cute. Cole went to school in his dinosaur costume. For trick-or-treating – Cole stayed a dinosaur, but Jalyn changed to a cowboy – or to be more precise ‘Quigley’.
The boys got lots of candy – and not just from trick-or-treating. Mimi sent a Halloween care package full of candy and stuff – and then Aunt Elisha sent one with even more candy and stuff. I think the thing the boys liked the most from Aunt Elisha’s sack of goodies was the wax vampire teeth – they thought those were hilarious! Thanks for all the goodies!!!

On Wednesday – H-E-B school district celebrated 50 years so they kids were asked to dress like the 50’s. We put Jalyn in a white t-shirt, rolled the sleeves, and cuffed his jeans. He was very handsome.

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