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Green Hair!

Jalyn has turned into quite the swimmer this summer – he can swim across the pool with no help and has gotten good at diving for rings too. As if to prove what a great swimmer he is – his hair has turned a wonderful shade of green. You can’t really tell in the picture – and it is worse in the sun – I wish I could get it to show up – it is pretty funny. Cole’s hair seems to be immune. But if his swimming abilities continue – he’ll be green soon too! Cole can swim – without floaties – underwater – to the side of the pool, etc. He hasn’t quite figured out how to come up for air – so we have to make sure he can get where he’s going in one breath. It would be much easier if he could touch!
Yesterday we were on our way to Jalyn’s school to fill out registration paperwork and I realized I had forgotten some papers – so I ran back into the house – parking in the shade (not my normal parking spot) rolling the windows down for the boys – I get the papers, come back outside and my car won’t start. My car won’t start – the radio won’t come on – I can’t even get the key out of the ignition! So – I go to my neighbor and he pulls his big truck around to try to jump start it. Well – after about 15 minutes of being hooked to his truck, my car still won’t start. It is somewhat better – the radio would at least come on – and I managed to get the windows rolled up – but it wouldn’t turn over enough to get it started. So now I am carless – and of course we are out of milk – have books/movies that need to returned – we need dishwasher detergent – and now we get to walk to Jalyn’s and possibly Braum’s! If only it could’ve waited until next week . . . . .

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