Word of 2018

My One Word for 2018

As I ponder my One Word for 2018, I began reflecting on my Word for 2017 – Nourish.  I posted an update way back in March about my progress to date, but that was about it.  I didn’t abandon my word after that point, however it definitely took a back seat. Looking back : Nourishing […]

one word

My One Word for 2017

Coming into 2017, I fell into the typical “New Year, New Me!” trap of attempting to come up with resolutions.  But like every year, I wasn’t invested and knew that in a month, or less, those resolutions would be forgotten.  Nevertheless, I wanted to do something to signify the beginning of a new year. So […]

Fall is Coming!!

Fall is coming!  Fall is coming! I know this, not because there is a chill in the air or because the leaves are turning, but because pumpkin spice is taking over and football has started!  And even though it is currently 94° outside, I am so ready for boots and sweaters and scarves.  So ready […]

parenting hacks

Parenting Hacks (that really work)

As we all know, parenting is no walk in the park.  Thankfully I have learned a few things, or hacks, as the boys have gotten older.  Things that make my life easier and simultaneously help them get ready for adulthood.  Win Win!  (the boys aren’t quite so sure of their win, but they will be!)  […]

Thank you Prozac – I couldn’t have made it without you

Hi Friends!  It has been a while.  I’d like to say it’s because we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write, but the opposite is more true.  I seem to do less when I have the most time!  Thanks procrastination. The recent world events haven’t helped either.  The happenings of the Watts’ […]


My 16 1/2 Day Challenge

I’m at the end of the 21 day challenge and thought I’d update everyone on how it went.  This challenge was good for me in that it was simple to follow, not too restrictive, and had workouts included.   It also got me off the couch and paying more attention to the things I was eating/drinking.  It […]

I’ll miss you Couch

Get off the Couch It has come to my attention that I am not doing the best job of taking care of me. I have fallen into bad habits, including but not limited to: too much fast food, not enough exercise, and general laziness (sitting on the couch a bunch). I do happen to be […]

OMG! We have a Teenager!

OMG! We have a Teenager! Well, it finally happened. Jalyn turned 13 and is now officially a teenager.  Kind of like with my own birthdays, (I always expected to wake up feeling significantly different) I thought with the magic of 13 JJ, would wake up a brand new sassy, bossy, know it all, stereotypical teenager.  […]