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Football and Bikes

We found out that there is a Flag Football league for kids Jalyn’s age – that plays in the fall – so we got some flags and the boys have been playing ‘tackle’ with them. Trying to teach the boys not to throw a fit every time someone gets there flag has been an adventure!
The boys are loving their new bikes – we go outside every chance possible to ride. Jalyn is getting good – and we are going to try without training wheels soon. Cole is still a little hesitant – he hasn’t gone down the ramp yet and still struggles with turning around – but he isn’t getting stuck anymore (with the back peddle brakes).
We have also been doing lots of swimming. Jalyn is diving for rings and is getting very good at it. He can swim across the pool too! Cole has turned into a fish and loves to go under! We got the boys some goggles and Cole loves to put his on and go under to wave or just look around. He even jumped into the pool with no hands (once!).
Cole was digging in my purse the other day and found some lip gloss – most know that Cole loves lip gloss. As he unscrewed the lid and began to apply the gloss – it struck me that putting on lip gloss (making ‘the face’) isn’t something you have to teach – apparently it is innate – even for boys!

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