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Flight of the Trampoline

Storms in Texas always have the potential to be severe. Sometimes the severe is exciting, while other times it is destructive. The storm experienced last night was a bit of both.

The evening started normally enough. I made dinner, the boys finished chores, and we turned the Rangers game on. There had been a few warnings of storms, but the radar didn’t look too bad and no one seemed to be breaking into TV shows for coverage, so we didn’t worry about it.

But then, the lights went out. Only for a minute, but long enough to find flashlights and have the boys (fake) freak out. That caught our attention. Still nothing major about the weather on TV or apps.  That wasn’t the only time the lights went out either.

Soon the rain started, followed by the wind. The wind was so crazy, Cole had to call Jason to tell him about it. That call led to a FaceTime call.

Jason was in beautiful Albuquerque. As our picture showed him waves in our pool and trees being whipped around by the wind, Jason’s view was a little more picturesque. Sunsets over the mountains. Yuck!

beer at sunset
wish you were here

We caught a cooler being blown into the pool and half of our outdoor decorations being tossed about.  Out the front door,  it was easier to see how dark the clouds were and the sheets of rain hitting the streets.  Of course, I have no photographic evidence of this due to the FaceTiming.

It was during the call that Jalyn thought it’d be cool to show dad exactly how crazy the wind was by walking out into it. He heads out the front and is immediately soaked. I have my camera on him and am giving Jason the play-by-play when he turns back to the house and yells “Oh my gosh, there’s a trampoline out here!”

Wait, what?!

Still FaceTiming, I yell at JJ for clarification but he’s no help.  So, I run outside to see for myself.

Yep, there is a trampoline out there.  It takes a minute to process that the trampoline leaning against our neighbor’s Crepe Myrtles is OUR trampoline.   We actually went to our backyard to check.  How could it have gotten from our backyard to their front/side yard?!   I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Finally after hanging up with Jason (the chaos of the moment didn’t translate well on camera),  I started trying to figure out what to do.  First off, I took lots of pictures and a few videos.  I guess that was supposed to help with the processing.  Jason put out the Bat Signal to our neighborhood but the storm was still going strong, so we were in a holding pattern.  That meant more photos and videos.

File_000 (4)                                       File_002 (1)

By this time, it was calm enough to go outside and really check out the damage.  Thankfully, the trampoline cleared our fence with minimal damage and didn’t cause any damage to our neighbors house.  The Crepe Myrtles caught it!

There are now two neighbors outside with me, lifting the trampoline and working to get it out of the tree.  No luck.  A third person drives up.  We come to the conclusion that we are going to have to cut the net out of the tree.  Being good Scouts, we got knives covered.  The guys started hacking at the net while us girls worked to hold the trampoline up, thinking it would fall once the net was freed.

Nope.  Even with the net separated, the tree hung on.  A fourth person answered the call.

A lift, slide, and jerk had the trampoline out of the tree and in our front yard.  Poles came down and the trampoline was flipped over.  The problem solving began.  Do we leave it in the front?  Will it blow away again?  Consensus:  it needed to get back in the backyard.    More lifting and flipping and voila – over the fence it goes.  More problem solving.  Where should it go? Should it stay upside down? Will the wind catch it?  Consensus: the picnic table can go on top.  Problem Solved!


The craziest stuff happens when Jason is out of town.  We don’t worry though because in the event of craziness, we just have to put up the Bat Signal and the neighborhood will come to the rescue.  The trampoline incident wasn’t the first event and I’m sure it won’t be the last.   #bestneighborhoodever


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