Today was Jalyn’s first day of school! I didn’t get to take him – and still haven’t decided how I feel about that. It saved me from any first day tears (or sobs like last year) – but I feel like I missed something too. Jason walked him to school and once inside Jalyn didn’t cry or whine – he told Jason “I’m fine – you can go.” When he got home from school – I asked how his day went – and he told me “I only got in trouble one time!” He was so proud! I asked why he got in trouble and he told me that he got up to go to stations before his teacher gave the go ahead – so not to big a deal!
Cole did well on his ‘first day’ too. He didn’t cry going into daycare – which we were a little afraid of – since Jalyn wasn’t going to be at the same school anymore.
Today was my first day back with kids too. Although I’m still working out my schedule – so I didn’t actually have to work with kids today. There is still a lot of paperwork that has to be caught up – and doled out. I still wish I could be home – but the more I’m in the routine of school the better I get. And I’m sure it will help a lot when I get my first paycheck!