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Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!
While Mother’s Day is all about me finding some peace and quiet, getting waited on hand and foot, and doing as little as possible (and let’s face it, pretending to not be a Mom for a bit)  – Jason takes a different approach to Father’s Day.

Father’s Day for him involves doing as much as possible with the boys.  Past FDs include: working on the jeep, grilling out, watching the boys play baseball, playing disc golf, swimming, and camping.  Even when I’ve tried to limit activities so he could relax a bit, he would rather spend the day with us.

This year – I got an Apple Watch for Mother’s Day.  Jason got a weed eater.  He also got this awesome Funko Pop, but that was partially a thinly veiled attempt to bring him over to the dark side of Funko collecting.  (I think it worked!) 
I used to stress about the vast differences between how Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated. However, after 13 years of reassurances, I get that we both celebrate in the way we want and need to.

He works every day to show the boys what it means to be a dad. Not the dad tv shows and movies portray – but the real dads out there. The ones who do laundry, dishes, and the ones who teach their kids how to use power tools and play sports. And the ones who do all that – and more.

Our boys are blessed to have a dad who also teaches them what it means to work hard and love hard, to respect others, to laugh, and enjoy the experiences life has to offer.

All cheesiness aside, we are one lucky bunch.  And one snarky, sarcastic, silly bunch.

Last but not least – here are some Watts Words 🙂

Ooh watch me

I don’t need no nanny

I have all the Kings

Whatcha talking about?

I think Donald Drumpf got all his material from the Family Guy.

I lied on one

Surprise hug!

Take that everyone

Ahhhhhh – just click Happy Feet!!!

Hold your horses fool

Nobody gives a crap anymore

This is the Cleveland Show (sung in unison at dinner)

Take a chill pill

That’s what happens when you put your hand in his mouth

Just some yummy meat gum

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