How’s that Nourish thing going?

After Spring Break was done and life resumed its normal routine, I realized that we are a quarter of the way through 2017.  Already.  That realization had me reflecting on how I was doing with my One Word – Nourish. The whole purpose of having One Word, instead of resolutions, was to keep things away […]

Watts Words – Summer is here.

What a week! In the past 7 days – we’ve had the last day of school/JJ’s last day of elementary school and Memorial Day.  Lots of joy with some nostalgia thrown in the mix.  Summer is here and with it we’ve already had wonderful times with family and down time as well.  Yay Summer! This […]

Watts Words of the Week

In a household full of sarcastic preteens and super clever adults, we manage to say some notable things.  I’ve decided to keep a log of these words for posterity.  There is never a dull moment. Hopefully I’ll get better at remembering to write them down during the week!  Here is what I remember from this […]

They aren’t Frisbees, they are Discs!

Cole has discovered a new hobby. . . .disc golf.  It is a game that suits him and that he has quite the knack for.  The game is relatively new to our family. It was introduced to Jason through a neighborhood group that plays. Jason went out with them a couple of times and was […]

Watts Take Washington DC

For Christmas 2015, we decided we needed to go about presents a different way.  Both boys are to the age where Christmas presents are getting smaller and more expensive, but they still don’t make a lasting impression.  Neither one of the boys could tell us what they had received for the prior Christmas!  It was […]

The First of the Lasts

Today was our schools Color Run fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser we have always supported but never been able to attend.  Baseball and rain kept us from the event.  Since I’m not much of a runner and Jason isn’t one to have things thrown at him – we didn’t really stress over it.  The pictures […]

Our first Supernatural con — #Houscon

In January we took the boys to Houston to attend Salute to Supernatural – a convention of All things Supernatural. Disclaimer — this is a long one! We went in nervous and unsure of what to expect.  Walking in the hotel doors – we immediately started spotting SPN shirts and cosplay.  It was pretty cool. […]

Open Streets Fort Worth

On Sunday – we headed to Magnolia St in Fort Worth so Cole and JJ could meet up with a friend for Skate Day.  Part of the street was to be blocked off with ramps and rails and all things skate.  As we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t just […]

Jalyn’s Birthday Party

Jalyn after his Hole In One! In the mountain on the course Opening presents Darth Vadar and Luke face off Cole playing basketball Shooting the bad guys Jalyn had his birthday party on Saturday. They played Putt-Putt and then played video games. The kids seemed to have a blast – and the adults enjoyed it […]

Jalyn’s Graduation

Jalyn’s graduation was quite a show – along with the awards and diplomas – there were songs and dancing. My video wasn’t set up great for the songs – so you can’t really see Jalyn – but they were very cute. After the ceremony – we had cake and punch. It was very neat. I […]