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This Easter was a pretty laid back affair. My dad, Ann, and Craig all came to town. We loved having them here. The boys hunted Easter Eggs on Saturday – courtesy of the Wiinikka’s. They boys had a great time finding the eggs and a better time opening them. The boys colored eggs on Sunday (we kind of did things backwards) – and had Easter cupcakes. We didn’t make it to church -which I guess is good since we didn’t bother with Easter clothes! Hopefully we can get church back into the routine this weekend!

T-ball is going really good. Jalyn is really starting to get it. He is one of the top 3 hitters and he is one of the fastest runners. We are still working on catching the ball – but he has made a some great progress (he doesn’t duck and cover anymore!). During the games, he mainly plays 1st or 2nd base – and he is really starting to get the hang of it. The first couple of games – he was off in la-la land (even on 1st base!) and there was a lot of yelling at him to watch the ball and get on the base. His last game was much better – he remembered to get on base and to watch the ball. He even tossed the ball to 2nd for an out – and he caught a ball! He was tagged out for the first time – at home base – the ball was just a touch faster than he was – and he was pretty upset about that. We had tried to tell him that everyone gets out and sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it – but having it actually happen was a different story. He even cried. The next time at bat though, he out ran the ball – and all was good in the world of t-ball. I’ll try to get some video posted of his next game (it has been too windy to take good video the past couple of games) – and I’ll get more pictures taken and posted as well.
Cole is doing well too – he’ll probably play some sport in the fall. He likes to hit the ball off the tee. He is learning to spell his name and can even write it with some help (the E messes him up). I don’t have as much to report on with Cole – he is his own little dude – singing show tunes (he is watching Newsies right now) and dancing . The hot tub has been a big hit too. He loves o jump in and then stay under just long enough for me to start scrambling to him!

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