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We are the Watts and we need a Clean Intervention

For a long time, we employed the services of a housekeeper.   It was beautiful.  The house was clean, we had that time back, and a quick pick up would get us back to good.  Then, on a dark and cold day, we decided to stop services.  We were making budget cuts and cleaning the house was something we thought we could stay on top of ourselves.

Now, we aren’t the most spotless of people.   We have our fair share of obstacles:  Fiona and Zoe’s shedding leave enough dog hair in corners and behind doors to make another dog.   There is also Loki and the 3 cats. There are the 2 boys.  And our general lackadaisical view towards cleaning.

Too much clutter or mess eventually gets on our nerves, and we vacuum, straighten up the house, pick up clumps of dog hair,  and do a surface clean;  however, deep cleaning never really happened.  Potential guests prompt a bathroom cleaning.  Cat vomit necessitates cleaning the floor.    But even then, we usually just do the minimum in the area that needed it the most.

The Saturday Whole House Cleaning of my youth never managed to become a fixture in my adulthood.  I could blame it on baseball tournaments and Boy Scout camp-outs and a multitude of other activities and obligations, but let’s be honest:  I wouldn’t have truly cleaned even if I had every weekend wide open.

We went through phases of the 15 min daily clean, but life would get in the way and the habit wouldn’t stick.  The boys ‘To Do’ chores will randomly involve vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, etc but it still only amounted to a surface clean.   Adding depth to the chores , such as ‘clean the bathroom’  was a start but they got pushed back for daily tasks such as the dishes or homework.

We became ‘House Blind’ and stopped seeing the dust on the furniture, the toothpaste on the counters, and the soap scum on the shower door.

But lately, the blinders have been slipping off.   I started getting glimpses of the gunk in the corner of the shower,  the way things were crammed onto shelves, the STUFF that was everywhere.   Even then though, I couldn’t get myself motivated enough to even rally the troops to clean.  We just kept on keeping on.

Last night, the idea of having a housekeeper come back out was brought up.   We really would rather spend the money on ‘fun’ stuff and threw out all our typical rebuttals, such as “We can do it ourselves!  We just need a schedule!  Baseball is over, we’ll have our weekends back to clean again (fun, fun)!  Etc, Etc, Etc.”   We had talked ourselves back out of it.

Until this morning.


I was in our bathroom getting ready, so Jason braved the boys bathroom.  He called for me to come check something out that demonstrated our need for help in the house cleaning department.  I was truly scared.   I wasn’t sure I wanted to see what he had discovered in the boys bathroom.

There, behind the clock sitting in the corner of the counter, was a gecko.   This gecko died behind that clock so long ago, that it was bordering on becoming fossilized.  (Cole, after being apprised of the existence of the gecko, has decided not to use his bathroom anymore.? )


It was this discovery that made us realize how horrible we are at cleaning.  If this gecko exists, what else have we missed.   The blinders are 100% off.   We are not ashamed to admit it,  we need help of monstrous proportions.   WE NEED A CLEAN INTERVENTION!

Starting tomorrow, I will be trying to connect with our past housekeepers; if you have any recommendations – we would love to hear them!


See you later,


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