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We have been so busy lately! Jalyn’s tee ball is going great – he is learning the game and seems to be pretty good at it. We had a parent/teacher conference with Jalyn’s teacher last week that went really well. She said he is doing great and hopefully will be reading soon. In the car the other day he said the word ‘fast’ – then asked himself what ‘fast’ started with – he made a good /f/ sound – then said ‘f’ – I asked him what came next – and he did the same thing for the /a/ and the /s/ and even the /t/- until he had sounded out and ‘spelled’ fast. It was awesome!! He has also become very aware of print. It is very exciting watching all of the pieces fall into place.

We are switching Cole to a new preschool. The daycare he was attending was a good daycare, but we didn’t feel like he was getting much else. We found a Montessori preschool with daycare hours – it seems very similar to Southwest Montessori in Amarillo – that Jalyn attended. He starts tomorrow – it is going to be a bit of a drive for us – but we think it will be worth it. Granddaddy gave Cole some $$ for his birthday – which Cole used to buy a writing desk. He loves to draw and color – but we were having trouble with him writing and drawing on every surface possible – so the desk helps keep Cole writing on paper and not everything else! He also continues to sing constantly – it is very cute.

Grandma was here this weekend – and we ran her ragged. We spent Saturday morning at the zoo and had a great time. Of course it took us way longer to go through it than we thought. We thought riding the train back to the front would help save time – but as they pulled into the ‘station’ it got stuck. So we spent 10 minutes going back a few yards then going forward a few yards – we finally just got off and walked the last 10 yards to the station. From the zoo – we had to book it to Jalyn’s tee ball game. They get better and better every week and it is so much fun to watch. After the game – we met the exterminator at the house for our quarterly spray. There was big drama as a mama bug found a cozy spot between the outside wall and our kitchen sink – as the exterminator sprayed the area – there was a massive exodus of mama and her brood. If it hadn’t been so icky – it would’ve been very funny. Luckily it was an isolated problem (we haven’t turned into slobs with a bug problem) – and our exterminator got them all. Today after church – we had brunch – then went to look at a house and then went to an open house. Bedtime is coming early tonight – so we can start the week fresh after having a great and very busy weekend.

The Henderson’s are coming to visit this week – and the boys are thrilled. We can’t wait to see them!

Well I think that gets everyone caught up. I’ll try to get new pictures up and get in here to update sooner next time!

Hook ’em Horns!!!

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