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Birthday Swim

On Sunday we went to a birthday party (I went to UT with the birthday girl’s mom) where the boys got to show off their swimming abilities. Everyone was blown away by how well Jalyn and Cole did in the water. Jalyn jumped off the diving board and swam like a fish! Cole even jumped of the diving board!!! Of course he was well equipped with goggles and floaties! They had a blast – and we had a good time too.

We are gearing up to head to the Panhandle this weekend. We think we will close on our house while we are there! (Keep your fingers crossed) The boys are excited about seeing everyone and the fireworks. I think we will be in Amarillo Thursday and Friday – then head to Hereford Friday after the fireworks – and be there until we head home on Sunday. The boys get to be in the parade Saturday morning in Hereford. They are thrilled about that.
We are going to try to see everyone while we are in the Panhandle – but if you haven’t heard from us (and you want to see us) by Friday (if you are in Amarillo) or Saturday (if in Hereford), call us! I have a feeling we will be pretty busy!

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