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Happy Mother’s Day!!  I am lucky to have amazing women in my life; my super awesome mom, mother-in-law,  grandmothers, step mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends that help me everyday to be the best mom I can be.  It takes a village, not to just raise our kiddos, but to raise moms too.

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This is our day to bask in our Momness.  To celebrate the diversity, strength, love, and endurance of the women who are and who are fighting to be moms.   To give thanks to the women who show up everyday to raise each other up and lend a helping hand as we stumble down the road to Best Mom Ever, making everyday Mother’s Day.

My journey started when Jalyn made me a mom.  You think you know what it means to be mom, until they put that baby in your arms.  Then the world spins and you think “OMG, I have no idea what to do!”   But your mom comes over and your Granny stays a few days.  They show you tips and tricks, let you sleep, and help you start your own road map of motherhood.

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When Cole made his appearance, I thought “I got this!” as they put him in my arms.  Then I got home.  How could 2 babies be so different?!  All the things that worked for JJ, Cole could care less about.  Things that worked for Cole, would’ve made JJ livid.  (all of which is still true 10 years later!)  My road map had to be tweaked and reworked.

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Little did I know that my road map would be tweaked and reworked more times than I could imagine.   Through trial and error, with the guidance and examples of the women around me, and sheer luck, my map (although tattered and torn) is my foundation.   Self doubt, hard days, and comparisons may make it feel shaky sometimes, but quick hug from my boys sets everything right.  It is on those days that I truly believe I am the “Best Mom Ever”.


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