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Game Ball

Jalyn got the ‘game ball’ yesterday at the t-ball game. The coach picks a kid each game who had a good game – and they get the game ball. Jalyn was thrilled. His good game consisted of tagging a kid… Continue Reading →

Spring t-ball begins!

Today, Jalyn had his first t-ball game of the spring. He is on the Braves this go round. They did really well – paying attention (for the most part) and they had some good hits. Jalyn made a great play… Continue Reading →

So long tee ball!

Jalyn had his last tee ball game last Saturday. The team did so well – about the time they start to get the hang of everything – the season is over! Of course!! After the game, they had an end… Continue Reading →


We have been so busy lately! Jalyn’s tee ball is going great – he is learning the game and seems to be pretty good at it. We had a parent/teacher conference with Jalyn’s teacher last week that went really well…. Continue Reading →

Astros Rule!

Jalyn had his first tee ball game today! He did so good. He played 1st base – and once he figured out his job was to tag the player out – he was all over it. He got along well… Continue Reading →

Tee Ball here we come!

We got Jalyn signed up for tee-ball this week. He is so excited! He used some money from Mimi to buy himself a tee and a new bat – and we got him a new glove (he outgrew his old… Continue Reading →

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Yesterday Jason and Jalyn went to their 1st Rangers game. While they Rangers didn’t win, the boys had a great time! Jalyn got to hit a couple of balls with a whiffle bat (and even got to keep the bat)… Continue Reading →

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