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Welcome to Team Watts!

I’m Lyndsi, Queen Bee of my guys: Jason (hubby extraordinaire) , Jalyn (13 yr old navigating all that comes with being 13 ), and Cole (11 yr old anxious free spirit).  I’m a speech pathologist, boy mom, Supernatural fan, and much more (with my own dose of anxiety).   We love the Texas Rangers, Texas Longhorns, and most things Texas.  Our family includes a mini petting zoo complete with Cairn Terrier (Zoe), Irish Wolfhound (Fiona), Boxer (Loki), & 3 cats (Caesar, Luna, & Shadow).

Watts beach sunset

I’ve always liked to write but fear of ‘doing it wrong’  kept me from even writing in a journal.  With a little help from time, therapy, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, I decided to take the plunge and am so glad I did!

There will be a little bit of everything here — general musings, family happenings, baseball, and who knows what.  I hope you enjoy and follow along with our Team.

Life is made for great friends and adventures.  Let’s go!







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